Customer's Daily Questions

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Does the necklace chain cause hair to pull or get tangled?

Will this necklace turn green? Does it stain or rust?

Will the necklace come with the exact chain that is shown in the picture?

Does it leave a mark?

Has this necklace turned anyone’s neck?

Is this an OK length for a 7 year old?

Does it change color over time?

Is this necklace suitable as a birthday gift?

Can I wear this necklace on a daily basis, including while showering, without it tarnishing?

Is the necklace easy to break?

Is it possible to just order the chain? I already have the pendant.

Can it get wet? Or will it go rusty

Can you remove the pendant? To put it on different chain?

Does anyone know if the inscription also comes in Spanish?

Can i change from Grandma to Baba?

Product Detail

What is the material used to make the necklace?

Is the necklace adjustable or a fixed length?

Does the necklace come with a gift box or a jewelry bag?

Is the necklace suitable for daily wear?

Can I choose a different length for the necklace?

What is difference between Led Box and Standard Box?


What shipping methods are availbale?

How long will it take to get my package?

Do you ship internationally?

What payment methods are accepted?

What is your return policy?

What is the warranty on the necklace?

Can I return or exchange the necklace if I'm not satisfied with it?

Do you offer customizations or personalizations for your products?